Dark Souls 3 weapons The Ultimate Guide to Collecting


Dark Souls 3 weapons stand as a titan within the gaming global, revered for its challenging gameplay, tricky lore, and immersive global design. At the heart of this series lies the significance of guns, pivotal elements that not only determine combat effectiveness but also profoundly shape the player’s adventure through the treacherous lands of Lordran and the past.

Dark Souls 3 weapons Categories

Certainly! Let’s dive deeper into every weapon category in Dark Souls 3 weapons, exploring their unique attributes and characteristics:

Straight Swords:

Straight swords in Dark Souls Three are renowned for their versatility and adaptability in combat. Their balanced attributes lead them to a popular preference among gamers seeking reliability in diverse conditions. Notable direct swords encompass the Lothric Knight Sword, prized for its brilliant scaling with dexterity and faith, and the Dark Sword, recognized for its excessive harm output and straightforward moves.


Greatswords wield large energy, able to hand over devastating blows to foes. While they boast excessive damage output, their slower swing speeds require particular timing and patience from the wielder. Among the incredible greatswords are the Claymore, revered for its sweeping assaults and versatile moveset, and the Hollowslayer Greatsword, which deals bonus harm to hollow enemies, making it mainly powerful towards sure foes.

Ultra Greatswords:

Towering behemoths among guns, ultra greatswords in Dark Souls 3 weapons are renowned for their sheer pressure and adverse abilities. These colossal blades cleave through enemies with unrivaled energy, albeit at the value of slower swing speeds and higher stamina consumption. Exemplary ultra greatswords encompass the Zweihander, favored for its extensive swings and stunning ability, and the Fume Ultra Greatsword, recognized for its tremendous weight and devastating strikes.

Curved Swords:

Curved swords excel in agility and speed, making them formidable alternatives for gamers who decide upon swift, hit-and-run approaches. Their speedy strikes and evasive maneuvers make them ideal for close-quarters combat. Notable curved swords consist of the Scimitar, prized for its fluid actions and speedy attacks, and the Carthus Curved Sword, regarded for its bleed buildup and high harm output.


Hailing from the land of the samurai, katanas are synonymous with pace, precision, and elegance. These quick blades offer precise movements and deadly moves, catering to gamers who desire agility and finesse in combat. The Uchigatana stands as a traditional desire, prized for its balanced attributes and versatile move set, at the same time as the Washington Pole boasts unheard-of attain and devastating slashing assaults.


Axes in Dark Souls 3 weapons are symbols of brute force and uncooked strength. With their brutal and straightforward layout, axes specialize in turning in crushing blows that can break through enemy defenses without difficulty. The Battle Axe is a famous preference amongst warriors, recognized for its reliability and high damage output, while the Butcher Knife gives lifesteal homes, allowing wielders to refill fitness with each hit strike.


Pound for pound, hammers supply bone-crushing pressure, making them perfect for players who favor overwhelming their enemies with sheer electricity. These blunt gadgets excel in breaking through armor and shields, leaving foes staggered and prone. The Mace is a staple among hammer wielders, prized for its simplicity and effectiveness, at the same time as Vordt’s Great Hammer boasts frostbite-inflicting attacks, slowing enemies and leaving them vulnerable to observe-up moves.

Spears & Pikes:

Spears and pikes grant players unparalleled reach and precision in combat. With their long-range thrusting attacks, these weapons allow players to keep foes at bay while delivering precise strikes. The Partizan is a versatile choice, offering a mix of thrusting and sweeping attacks, while the Dragonslayer Spear harnesses lightning power, dealing additional damage to foes weak to lightning.


Blending the best of polearms and axes, halberds offer a versatile mix of reach, power, and sweeping attacks. These weapons are favored by skilled warriors who seek to dominate the battlefield with their combination of range and versatility. The Black Knight Glaive boasts devastating slashing attacks, while Gundyr’s Halberd offers a unique charge weapon skill, allowing players to close distances quickly and unleash powerful strikes.


Unconventional in design, reapers feature sweeping attacks capable of catching opponents off guard. These weapons excel in disrupting enemy formations and punishing careless foes with their wide-reaching strikes. The Great Corvian Scythe offers swift and deadly slashes, while the Pontiff Knight Great Scythe boasts frostbite-inflicting attacks, leaving enemies vulnerable to follow-up strikes.

Bows & Crossbows:

For those who favor ranged combat, bows, and crossbows provide options for engaging enemies from a distance. These weapons offer strategic advantages in battles, allowing players to pick off enemies from afar with precision shots. The Black Bow of Pharis is a favored choice among archers, known for its extended range and rapid firing rate, while the Arbalest boasts high damage output and armor-piercing capabilities.

Magic-based Weapons:

Harnessing the power of sorcery and miracles, magic-based weapons add a mystical dimension to combat in Dark Souls 3 weapons. Staves, flames, talismans, and sacred chimes offer wielders the ability to cast devastating spells and miracles, shaping the battlefield to their advantage. The Court Sorcerer’s Staff is a staple among sorcerers, offering increased spell damage and intelligence scaling, while the Sunlight Talisman grants increased miracle potency and faith scaling.

III. Notable Weapons

 Let’s delve deeper into the notable weapons within each category in Dark Souls 3 weapons, highlighting their unique attributes and strengths:

Straight Swords:

  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Lothric Knight Sword: This elegant sword boasts exceptional scaling with both dexterity and faith, making it a versatile choice for quality and faith-based builds. Its thrusting attacks and longsword moveset provide players with reliable damage and utility in various situations.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Dark Sword: Known for its imposing size and devastating thrust attacks, the Dark Sword is favored by strength-focused builds. It features high base damage and scaling with strength, making it a formidable weapon for dealing heavy blows to enemies.


  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Claymore: A classic greatsword favored by knights and warriors, the Claymore offers a balanced mix of power and agility. Its versatile move set includes sweeping horizontal slashes and thrusting attacks, making it effective in both one-on-one duels and crowd-control situations.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Hollowslayer Greatsword: Infused with the essence of hollow slaying, this greatsword deals bonus damage to enemies afflicted with the hollowing status. Its fluid movements and high damage output make it a popular choice for players facing hordes of undead foes.

Ultra Greatswords:

  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Zweihander: This massive ultra greatsword epitomizes raw strength and brute force. With its wide swings and staggering potential, the Zweihander can devastate multiple enemies with a single blow. It requires considerable strength to wield effectively but rewards players with unmatched power.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Fume Ultra Greatsword: Crafted from the soul of a legendary warrior, the Fume Ultra Greatsword is one of the heaviest weapons in the game. Its slow swing speed is offset by its immense damage output and ability to stagger even the toughest of foes, making it a favorite among strength-focused builds.

Curved Swords:

  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Scimitar: Renowned for its lightning-fast slashes and agile movements, the Scimitar excels in hit-and-run tactics. Its curved blade allows for swift strikes and fluid combos, making it ideal for players who favor speed and finesse in combat.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Carthus Curved Sword: Infused with the power of the Carthus warriors, this curved sword boasts high bleed buildup and quick recovery times. Its rapid slashes and wide arcs make it a formidable weapon for applying pressure to opponents and inflicting status effects.


  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Uchigatana: A traditional katana hailing from the eastern lands, the Uchigatana offers deadly precision and swift strikes. Its unique move set includes thrusting attacks and sweeping slashes, allowing players to adapt to various combat situations with ease.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Washing Pole: Known for its extraordinary reach and lightning-fast attacks, the Washing Pole is favored by agile warriors who seek to keep their foes at bay. Its extended range and devastating slashes make it a formidable weapon for controlling the battlefield.


  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Battle Axe: A staple among axe wielders, the Battle Axe delivers powerful overhead swings and cleaving attacks. Its simplicity and reliability make it a popular choice for players who favor straightforward combat and high damage output.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Butcher Knife: Infamous for its lifestyle properties, the Butcher Knife allows wielders to replenish their health with each successful strike. Its brutal design and heavy attacks make it a terrifying sight on the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of enemies.


  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Mace: A sturdy and reliable weapon, the Mace delivers bone-crushing blows that can stagger even the toughest of foes. Its blunt force trauma and thrusting attacks make it effective against heavily armored enemies and shielded opponents.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Vordt’s Great Hammer: Infused with the power of frostbite, Vordt’s Great Hammer delivers devastating frost-inflicting attacks that slow enemies and leave them vulnerable to follow-up strikes. Its imposing size and raw power make it a favorite among strength-focused builds.

Spears & Pikes:

  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Partizan: Combining thrusting attacks with sweeping slashes, the Partizan offers a versatile mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Its long reach and precise strikes make it ideal for keeping adversaries at bay while maintaining pressure in combat.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Dragonslayer Spear: Fashioned from the soul of a legendary dragon slayer, this spear harnesses the power of lightning, dealing additional damage to foes weak to lightning attacks. Its thrusting attacks and sweeping motions make it a formidable weapon for knights and warriors alike.


  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Black Knight Glaive: Wielded by the black knights who serve the gods, the Black Knight Glaive boasts devastating slashing attacks and staggering potential. Its long reach and wide arcs make it a formidable weapon for controlling the battlefield and punishing careless foes.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Gundyr’s Halberd: Once wielded by the champion Gundyr, this Halberd offers a deadly combination of reach, power, and versatility. Its unique charge weapon skill allows players to close distances quickly and unleash devastating strikes, catching opponents off guard and turning the tide of battle in their favor.


  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Great Corvian Scythe: Infused with the essence of death itself, the Great Corvian Scythe delivers sweeping attacks that reap souls with every swing. Its wide arcs and swift slashes make it ideal for disrupting enemy formations and punishing careless foes.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Pontiff Knight Great Scythe: Wielded by the Pontiff’s loyal knights, this great scythe boasts frostbite-inflicting attacks that slow enemies and leave them vulnerable to follow-up strikes. Its unique move set and devastating slashes make it a favorite among players who prefer unorthodox combat styles.

Bows & Crossbows:

  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Black Bow of Pharis: Favored by hunters and archers, the Black Bow of Pharis offers an extended range and rapid firing rate. Its precise shots and swift arrows make it ideal for picking off enemies from a safe distance, providing players with strategic advantages in battles.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Arbalest: Known for its high damage output and armor-piercing capabilities, the Arbalest is a favored choice among crossbow enthusiasts. Its heavy bolts and powerful shots make it effective against heavily armored foes and shielded opponents, ensuring that no enemy is safe from its deadly projectiles.

Magic-based Weapons:

  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Court Sorcerer’s Staff: A staple among sorcerers and spellcasters, the Court Sorcerer’s Staff offers increased spell damage and intelligence scaling. Its powerful sorceries and devastating spells reshape reality itself, allowing wielders to unleash destruction upon their foes with impunity.
  • Dark Souls 3 weapons – Sunlight Talisman: Blessed by the sunlight and imbued with the power of miracles, the Sunlight Talisman grants increased miracle potency and faith scaling. Its radiant miracles and healing spells bolster allies and smite enemies, ensuring victory for those who wield the light against the darkness.

Choosing Your Weapon

Certainly! Let’s expand on each factor to consider when choosing a weapon in Dark Souls 3:


When evaluating a weapon’s scaling, it’s essential to understand how it improves with your character’s attributes. Different weapons scale differently with attributes such as strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith. For example, some weapons may have better scaling with strength, making them more effective for strength-focused builds, while others may scale better with dexterity or a combination of attributes. Consider your character’s build and playstyle when choosing a weapon to ensure that its scaling complements your character’s strengths and enhances your combat effectiveness.


The moveset of a weapon refers to its attack animations and combos, which can significantly impact your combat tactics and playstyle. Some weapons have wide-sweeping attacks, while others have thrusting attacks or quick slashes. Additionally, certain weapons may have unique weapon arts or special attacks that can be activated by using the weapon’s skill. Evaluate the move set of each weapon to determine which one aligns best with your preferred combat style and tactics. Experiment with different weapons to find the move set that suits you best and allows you to effectively engage enemies in battle.

Stamina Consumption:

Balancing offense and defense is crucial in Dark Souls 3, and choosing a weapon with appropriate stamina consumption is essential to maintaining pressure on enemies without leaving yourself vulnerable. Some weapons may have high stamina consumption, particularly with heavy attacks or combos, while others may have more conservative stamina usage. Consider your character’s stamina pool and regeneration rate when choosing a weapon to ensure that you can perform multiple attacks or combos without exhausting your stamina and leaving yourself open to counterattacks. Choose a weapon that allows you to effectively manage your stamina reserves and maintain a steady offensive and defensive presence in combat.


Many weapons in Dark Souls 3 have unique abilities tied to specific weapon skills, which can provide invaluable advantages in combat situations. These weapon skills range from powerful special attacks to defensive maneuvers or buffs that can enhance your combat effectiveness. Experiment with different weapons and explore their unique weapon skills to discover which ones complement your playstyle and offer strategic advantages in various combat scenarios. Some weapon skills may excel in crowd control, while others may focus on single-target damage or utility. Choose a weapon with weapon skills that synergize well with your character build and tactics to maximize your combat potential.

Cosmetic Appeal:

While not crucial to gameplay, the aesthetic design of a weapon can enhance immersion and personal enjoyment in Dark Souls 3. Each weapon has its unique visual design, ranging from elegant swords to imposing axes or mystical staves. Consider your character’s appearance and role-playing preferences when choosing a weapon, and don’t hesitate to prioritize visual appeal if it enhances your overall gaming experience. Additionally, some players may prefer weapons that fit thematically with their character’s backstory or role within the game world. Choose a weapon that resonates with you aesthetically and adds to your enjoyment of the game.

By considering these factors—scaling, move set, stamina consumption, skills, and cosmetic appeal—you can make an informed decision when selecting a weapon in Dark Souls 3 that complements your character build, playstyle, and aesthetic preferences. Experiment with different weapons, and don’t be afraid to try new strategies and tactics as you explore the game world and engage in epic battles against formidable foes.


In the world of Dark Souls 3, weapons are more than mere tools of war; they are extensions of the player’s will, shaping the very fabric of their journey through the darkness. From the humble straight sword to the mystical sorcerer’s staff, each weapon offers a unique path to mastery, inviting players to explore diverse playstyles and strategies. So, embrace the challenge, and let your chosen weapon become an instrument of triumph in the struggle against adversity.


  1. Can I change my weapon during the game?

Yes, Dark Souls 3 allows players to switch between weapons freely, allowing for adaptation to different challenges and encounters.

  1. Are certain weapons better for specific builds?

Absolutely. Some weapons scale better with certain attributes like strength, dexterity, or intelligence, making them more effective choices for particular character builds.

  1. Do weapons degrade or break over time?

While weapons do not degrade or break in Dark Souls 3, they can still become less effective if not maintained properly through upgrades and repairs.

  1. Can I dual-wield weapons in Dark Souls 3?

Yes, players have the option to dual-wield certain weapons for increased versatility in combat, although this often requires specific build considerations.

  1. Are there hidden or secret weapons in the game?

Indeed, Dark Souls 3 is renowned for its plethora of hidden treasures and secrets, including rare and powerful weapons hidden throughout the game world.

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